All Saints' Episcopal Church, Redding

To provide affordable, beautiful, clean, safe, and welcoming space for our neighbors to grow and develop into their highest potential.

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County: Shasta
Phone Number: 530-243-1000
For over 24 years All Saints' has opened our doors to the community, providing meeting space for a broad range of community needs. With tens of thousands of hours of non-church related use, we embarked on an improvement plan to renovate our Memorial Hall facility to be easier to keep clean and to lower operating expenses. Over the past 3 years, we have removed ancient carpet, added new doors, upgraded the technology and internet access, improved the coffee service, installed new acoustical ceiling tiles and upgraded the lighting to LED fixtures. Our current needs are for energy efficient window coverings, and outside lighting for safety. We will also be installing an ADA accessible sidewalk on the west side of the building, to better link our wide opening French doors to our existing sidewalks. Our facility is the evacuation location for Lavender Hills Senior Living. As we have seen with the Carr Fire, evacuation facilities play a vital role when disaster strikes. We were also able to run a cooling and respite service for those in the Lake Redding Estates and River Park Highlands area affected by the Carr Fire. With the church member volunteers, assistance from our diocese and other disaster relief agencies, we provided water, masks, gloves and bathroom facilities for those who were sifting through the ash remnants of their homes.
From Nancy-" I speak for the Monday Night Al-Anon Family Group (AFG).
We are a spiritual group that meets for recovery from the effects of alcohol in family or friends. Meeting in a church setting lends itself for developing the qualities of faith, acceptance, forgiveness, self care, and detachment. All Saints' Episcopal Church is located centrally and everyone has been wonderful to work with.
Thank you for allowing us to meet at your church for such important recovery."

From Jennifer-"Our women's meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous found a home at All Saints' 8 years ago. We chose All Saints' because several other AA meetings take place there and we liked the facility. When we approached the church, they were extremely helpful in helping us get started and meeting the needs of our small group. The staff is amazing - always very friendly and helpful.
The facility itself is perfect for our group. It is always clean and well-cared for. Our meeting ends at 7 which means it's dark in the winter. All Saints' is well lit which makes the women in our group feel safe walking to their cars after the meeting. The parking lot is large and wraps around the church which allows for parking near our meeting which is on the far side of the church. The location of All Saints' is also great as it's close to a bus stop and easily accessible from different locations.
As one of the members who approached all Saints' to find a home for our new little meeting, I am extremely grateful for the church, its staff, and its willingness to work with groups like ours. We would not be able to fulfill our purpose of being of service to those in need of our help if we didn't have a place to meet, and All Saints' has made that possible for our group."

From Jon-"10 years ago a group of men decided to start a recovery meeting. For the first year it met in our homes and then in Lake Redding park. As it grew we knew were going to need a permanent meeting place, especially during the winter months. The men branched out checking with many facilities (mostly churches) and were rejected time and time again. All Saints' Episcopal Church was different. You did not turn us away, but instead were gracious in allowing us to have a space where we could gather to carry the message of recovery to the many who need to hear it. Our group has grown to one of the largest recovery meetings in Redding thanks to your facility. For many, getting recovery actually saved their lives. You allowing us to share this message makes you part of that process."

From Writers Forum Board of Directors-- "The use of the All Saints' Episcopal Church Memorial Hall, and in some instances, Eaton Hall, for our monthly meetings over the past several years has been of great benefit to our nonprofit organization. Writers Forum was founded back in the early eighties and has served area writers continuously since that time, including many years of offering student scholarships...
Our service to the art and craft of writing has allowed us to offer writers of all ages and interests an opportunity to meet, network, and learn from professionals in the industry in an organization that is unique in Northern California.
The benefits of meeting at Memorial Hall and the other All Saints Episcopal Church meeting spaces have been many, and the recent improvements to the facility will make it even more advantageous. The improved sound quality is an important feature, because we have presenters speaking at each meeting.