Lassen Park Foundation

The Lassen Park Foundation provides philanthropic support to preserve and interpret the special natural and cultural resources of Lassen Volcanic National Park and its environs for present and future generations.

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Address: PO Box 33
Anderson, CA 96007
County: Shasta
Phone Number: 530-378-2600
We support Lassen Volcanic National Park and the surrounding environs to accommodate needs that are not met by the limitations of other resources. Projects include: capital projects, youth programs, enhanced interpretive and educational activities, trail preservation, wildlife research, and cultural resource development.

Our most recent capital project is the completed construction of the Volcano Adventure Camp (VAC), Lassen's only Youth Camping Facility. This facility features tent cabins, heated showers, and campfire amphitheaters to provide educational interpretation programs facilitated by Park staff. The VAC offers a unique opportunity to give underserved youth a lifelong appreciation for the outdoors and memories and experiences they will cherish. Summer of 2018 saw over 1,000 kids and their chaperones staying at the VAC! Also coming soon, we will be building four additional tent cabins at the VAC to accommodate smaller group sizes.

For roughly $125/child, you can help us send more youth camping at Lassen Volcanic National Park next summer. As the year draws to a close, please remember Lassen Park Foundation in your charitable giving. We are grateful for our supporters who share our passion for Lassen!
Here's what a few of our group leaders had to say about their experience at Lassen Park Foundation's Youth Camping Program:

"We have been going camping many times as a scout troop with support of families so the reaction speaks volume about this youth camp in Lassen Volcanic National Park. We were very fortunate to be the second group to stay in the brand-new camp. For the youth, most of them visited Lassen for the first time and they had a great time... They have a much better understanding of the Park and of nature in general... For the adults, the trip is a wonderful getaway from the hustle of our daily lives where we can slow down, enjoy the wonders of the Park and reflect on our lives." - Dien Hong Youth Foundation

"…[With the kids] simply being away from their screens and phones for a few days, to truly interact with each other on a more personal level, greatly boosts their sense of belonging, and helps increase self-esteem." - Hill Country Health & Wellness Center

"Some of these students came from the East Bay Area of San Francisco and would not normally have this opportunity. They lack transportation, funds, equipment, and or knowledge to get them to National Parks and exploring the outdoors. Even the students who live in this area can have the same issues. Just being able to see the stars away from the city was an experience in and of itself for the participants." - Sierra Institute