Siskiyou Land Trust

The Siskiyou Land Trust is dedicated to long-term stewardship of agricultural, forest and wildlands in Siskiyou County by working with willing landowners, agencies and organizations. Through our work to conserve lands, steward public open spaces and connection people to nature we help improve the quality of life in Siskiyou County.

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Address: 522 E. Alma St
Mount Shasta, CA 96067
County: Siskiyou
Phone Number: 503-926-2259
Siskiyou Land Trust - Connecting People to Land

Siskiyou Land Trust has some big goals for 2019-2012 and your support will make a big difference. We celebrated our 25th year in 2017 with a number of achievements. Even as we close projects that conserve nearly 700 acres of working forest and views outside of the City of Mt. Shasta, complete phase 1 of conservation easements on ranches in the Scott Valley that will help the next generation of the Spencer family keep raising cows and sheep and prepare the space at the Garden Greenway for a productive season in 2019, we're looking ahead.

Conservation and Stewardship: 20,000 acres by 2020
• Our big goal is to conserve 20,000 acres in Siskiyou County by 2020. With over 7,000 acres protected via conservation easements in Scott Valley, we're working with two partners on projects that have the potential to preserve more than 40,000 acres of working lands. EcoTrust Forest Management has bold ideas about stewarding and protecting nearly 40,000 acres of working forests, streams, special habitats and unique resources, as well as working with Scott Valley communities on important projects. We're happy to be part of that work and to hold conservation easements on those lands as projects move forward.
• A second project in the Scott Valley is in process with a partner organization to conserve an old ranch with previously logged forests and a portion of the Scott River. These lands at the upper end of the river system are critical for habitat and the health of the river downstream.
• The corridor of conserved lands along the Scott River is growing. We're working on our second conservation project with the Spencer family and recently launched another conservation easement project with the Fowles that will place their working agricultural lands and river way under easement to protect against subdivision in the future.

Community Spaces and Partnerships
• In fall 2018 we began a project to restore the waterfall on the stream in Sisson Meadow, the 7-acre jewel near the heart of Mt. Shasta. The boardwalks and benches in Sisson Meadow, situated just behind the library and Sisson Schools, are favorites of people of all ages. The intimate entrance and seating area off Alder Street are home to a small waterfall that people love to visit. We're in the planning stages for a stream restoration project that will move forward in 2019 with submitting grant applications to fund the work. The result will be an improved seating area and reduced erosion to the streambanks.
• 2018 has be HUGE at the Garden Greenway! This community education and open space across the street from Sisson School and the Boys and Girls Club of the Siskiyous has grown toward the shared community vision thanks to the help of Mt. Shasta Trail Association and the Rotary Club of Mt. Shasta. In 2017 the Trail Association's work crew led the charge to build a garden fence and continued that work in 2018. As a result, the Boys and Girls Club of the Siskiyous has been able to plant a few crops in the garden this fall. We're excited to build raised beds and install irrigation late this fall and early next spring support the Boys and Girls Club Garden to Table program.
• Our partnership with the Mt. Shasta Trail Association is ongoing as a group of community partners works towards the vision of the City Park to Downtown Trail. Siskiyou Land Trust is on board to hold trail right-of-ways and land (when needed) to make this trail a reality.

Education and Connection
• A Celebration of Birds, in collaboration with Raven Tree Wild Bird and Nature Shop, was AWESOME this year! There were over 80 entries in the bird house building contest, with 15 of those donated for installation on Land Trust properties. A dozen folks came out on a cool fall morning for a wonderful guided bird walk through Sisson Meadow. We can't wait to do again next year!
• Our winter slide show series launches in November and continues through April with slideshows given mostly by local folks with tales and photos to inspire connection and stewardship of the earth. In 2019 we're working on a summer field trip series to introduce supporters to some of the lands we protect and steward.
• Thanks to partnerships with the Mt. Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center, Bear Wallow Herbs and individuals, we've had people out on the land and water for workshops and field trips in 2018. We'll continue to grow our list of offerings in 2019 to offer new ways to connect with nature.