Siskiyou Land Trust

The Siskiyou Land Trust is dedicated to long-term stewardship of agricultural, forest and wildlands in Siskiyou County by working with willing landowners, agencies and organizations.

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Address: 522 E. Alma St
Mount Shasta, CA 96067
County: Siskiyou
Phone Number: 503-926-2259
Siskiyou Land Trust - Connecting People to Land

At Siskiyou Land Trust we work with land owners and community members to preserve the open spaces and natural world we all love. Through our work, agricultural and forest landscapes are preserved, community open spaces are provided for the public, partnerships with other Siskiyou County organizations create new trails and greenways, and educational events connect people to wonderful places here at home.

Conservation and Stewardship
• We've protected nearly 7,000 acres via conservation easements in Scott Valley by working with willing multi-generational ranch families to keep large areas of working agricultural lands safe from subdivision, ensuring those working lands will remain whole into the future. These families do amazing conservation work while also operating beef ranches.
• We helped conserved nearly 700 acres of forest, wildlife habitat, clean spring waters and views on Rainbow Ridge outside of Mt. Shasta by working with the land owner who has a vision of a vital, healthy forest.

Community Spaces and Partnerships
• Sisson Meadow, a 7-acre wetland near the heart of Mt. Shasta, sits just behind Sisson School and the Mt. Shasta Library with boardwalk trails connecting those places to downtown. Sisson Meadow is well-loved by the community as a place to enjoy the views, to sit in quiet with nature, to watch birds throughout the year and to enjoy a picnic or chat on the benches. As an SLT owned property, we steward this place for the benefit of our human and natural communities.
• The Garden Greenway, across the street from Sisson School and the Boys and Girls Club of the Siskiyous, is the result of a community vision for an outdoor learning and gathering space, growing food together, a place for connective social trails between neighborhoods and community spaces and a place for wildlife. We're working with community partners to create outdoor learning spaces and an education program that connects people of all ages to outdoor-based learning opportunities.
• Kingston Meadow and the City Park to Downtown Trail is a partnership between many community partners. The Mt. Shasta Trail Association is the lead organization in building the new trail and greenwway. Siskiyou Land Trust contributes to this community asset by owning part of the land for the trail and holding a trail easement that makes the project possible.
• Spring Hill Trail, another community asset built by Mt. Shasta Trail Association is an example of SLT helping where we can. The Land Trust holds the trail easement for this project.

Education and Connection
• We work to connect people to land through field trips, our winter slideshow series and educational workshops. Whether it's a rafting trip to a future conservation project, a painting workshop in Sisson Meadow or a fall bird walk, we're looking for ways for all us to get to know nature better.
• As a Land Trust, we work to connect schools with outdoor learning landscapes. Our area schools regularly visit Sisson Meadow and the Garden Greenway to use them as outdoor classrooms. We're working to grow those connections so that more students from more Siskiyou County schools can get out more often.