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iReachAfrica : As a Christian, faith-based outreach we collaborate with our African colleagues through practical and spiritual H.E.L.P. initiatives:
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Address: 215 Lake Blvd. Ste 554
Redding, CA 96003
County: Shasta
iReachAfrica is an international gathering of professionals who volunteer their time, resources, and expertise to give hope and relief to the poor of Africa. As a Christian non-profit organization we're charting a new course; out of poverty into prosperity, out of sickness into health, out of darkness into the light, out of disease and death and into life abundant. We give ourselves to the lost, the poor, and the marginalized with love and compassion. In practical hands-on ways, we embrace and assist the widows and orphans, those in prison and those ill, as if we were serving the Lord Himself. As we daily experience the love of God and through practical service and sharing, we then draw others into a personal encounter with His goodness and grace.

The Children's Education Center was established to provide quality childhood Christian education in an underprivileged region. We address the development of the whole child while inspiring creativity, hope, love and knowledge. The principle focuses of the Center and staff are on academics, spiritual growth, health and nutrition, as well as a child's social and emotional development. We are currently building another school in new region.

The Nutrition Program cares for hundreds of children, providing milk, weaning food, primary care and love to vulnerable children and orphans. Social support includes locating caregivers, finding homes and families for the orphans, home visits and hospital visits is also a focus. We build basic homes for some of these families and work closely with local government officials and other authorities for referrals and coordination of care. One of our primary objectives in this program is to save vulnerable lives. Sadly, the most frequent cause of death among newborns is starvation. Infants are always the most vulnerable. They are birthed in appalling conditions: on dirt floors in mud or thatched huts, under trees in the forest or in vast corn-fields. Their mothers are their only source of milk, but many moms die, leaving the infants with no other means of sustenance. The Nutrition Program provides the adopting caregivers with milk, primary care, training and support - (and most importantly, hope).
"The school was without doubt the best I have seen in Africa. The class sizes were small and they had both a teacher and a helper in each. Learning was student centric and fun. Teachers and helpers engaged the kids and cared for them. I was very impressed. While I had an opportunity to learn about each of the ministries they do at iReachAfrica, I was most touched by the walk I took through the local village to meet and interview parents and past students. What impressed me was the amount of connectivity that the school staff had with the families. They knew them by name and knew their stories. Teachers knew what challenges students had at home and were treating each student holistically through these relationships. One of the amazing additional programs this nursery school was engaged in was Alumni classes. Teachers had seen that students moving on into government schools were not getting the same level of care and that students were actually loosing skills. To combat this, the school started a weekly alumni class where graduates could come and practice skills. In the community I met families with alumni students and they confirmed the positive impact the team had made on their lives. I have been looking for a school for Joshua and Grace to start in and this little pre- school in the middle of Mozambique was just the ticket. Too bad this school is more than 2000 kms from home!" - A recent visitor, father of two little ones.