Hourly Sponsor Prizes

For every one of the 14 hours, a participating nonprofit will be randomly drawn by the sponsor of the hour to win $1,000! Cheer on our business community for the commitment they've made to support our regional nonprofits through this event! Each of these will be announced at the top of every hour during the day of the event!


Most Unique Donors Per Hour

For every one of the 14 hours, the participating nonprofit to have the most unique/individual donors, will win $1,000!


Gold Star Club

From the pool of organizations submitting application materials completely and correctly, three organizations will be randomly drawn to be awarded $500 each!


Sunrise & Sunset Prizes

In the first half-hour (Sunrise Prize) and last half-hour (Sunset Prize) of the day, a donation-receiving nonprofit will be randomly drawn to receive $1,000 each!


100% Board Giving Form

We will randomly award $1,000 each to four organizations that have received gifts from 100% of their Board of Directors on NSGT! To be eligible for this prize your Team Captain must submit their entry via this form AFTER they receive all board gifts. Form must be completed and submitted no later than 5:00pm on 11/28/23


Shout Outs & A'Paws Contest

Black Bear Diner is teaming up with North State Giving Tuesday to spread more love to our North State nonprofits. Vote for your favorite nonprofit using THIS VOTING LINK now through Sunday, 11/26/23. The top 3 vote-earners will win extra prize dollars courtesy of BBD!


Power Hours

Several times throughout the day, a special Power Hour pool of $15,000 is set aside and up for grabs! The more a nonprofit raises in the designated Power Hour, the more they earn in free money from the Power Hour pool! Look for all donations to be stretched further during the 11 AM hour, the 3 PM hour, and the 7 PM hour!

Here's how it works! During each one of the three power hours, $15,000 is available. All donors giving during those hours will earn extra dollars for their favorite nonprofits! At the end of the designated Power Hour, the amount raised by a participating nonprofit will be calculated against the total raised by all nonprofits in that hour to determine a percentage. That percentage will then be applied to the amount in the pool to determine the amount to be awarded from the Power Hour pool.

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