People of Progress, Inc.

Our mission is to strengthen individuals, families and our community with particular emphasis on issues affecting low-income persons. People of Progress is unique to Shasta County and can make timely decisions to respond to emerging needs.

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Address: 1242 Center Street
Redding, CA 96001
County: Shasta
Phone Number: 530-243-3811
People of Progress began in 1973 as a food co-op. Today, we are a multi-faceted and growing community organization, dedicated to serving the City of Redding and Shasta County community. We serve over 75 people each day, through a variety of programs and services. Currently, People of Progress operates a social enterprise thrift store, known around town as POP, a Community Resource Center, an Emergency Food Pantry and a series of Community Gardens. In addition to our direct services, the People of Progress team has and continues to be active in a variety of community issues and opportunities, such as advocating for healthy and thriving communities for everyone - not just those with comfortable incomes. Our goal is to serve our community by helping to build individual and community stability.
July 2018 was one of the hardest months for our community and the People of Progress team. The Carr Fire was devastating. During the emergency, a seventy-eight year old woman named Betty came to the Community Resource Center and shared her story with a staff member. Betty had never asked for anything from anyone before. She and her husband owned their house in Old Shasta. They never had the need to eat out because every meal was home cooked. They never asked for food, clothing or assistance because they had everything they ever needed, but in the early morning hours on July 26th, Betty and her husband were some of the first to evacuate with only minutes to spare.
She said she didn't have any time to grab her purse and apologized for not having her ID. She and her husband had been living out of their truck since the fire engulfed their house and they did not want to stay at a shelter. People of Progress connected them with local emergency resources for fire victim/evacuees, FEMA information, and provided them with food.
Her husband, who had been sitting in his truck during the exchange, accepted the food, looked the staff member in the eyes and said, "Thank you...we are not used to this and we appreciate all you do."