SEACM Southeast Asian Christian Ministry

The mission of SEACM is to welcome refugees and immigrants of all nationalities, and assist them in becoming healthy, productive members of our community.

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Address: 2315 Placer St
Redding, CA 96001
County: Shasta
Phone Number: 530-549-4872
Since opening its doors in 1987, SEACM has provided support in Northern California for immigrants and refugees from around the world. Today this work includes help with: green card applications, work permits, citizenship applications, asylum applications, help with status adjustment and assisting families in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) program. SEACM is a place of hope for those in need. All services are provided free of charge.

This past year has been a challenging one for SEACM. As immigration laws change and become more confusing, the people who are served by SEACM are more in need of the assistance SEACM offers than ever. Hundreds of hours have been spent updating records and helping with status adjustment. There has been a significant increase of services being offered to people who are qualified for the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival) program. The SEACM Director (Alice McFadden), is highly respected and trusted by the community we serve. Her credentials enable her to provide this help (Alice is accredited by the Bureau of Immigration Appeals).

SEACM Stats for 2017:
Each year, SEACM does an end of year assessment of how we are doing…who did we serve, what types of services were provided,
how much assistance was given, and what countries did our clients come from?
* Scheduled Appointments 709
* Applications for Family Unity 114
* N-400 Citizenship Applications 102
* Green Card Renewals 66
* DACA 95
* Webinar and Training 9
Director Alice also works with Public Health, Shasta County Sheriff's Office, Social Services, Red Cross, Children's Services,
Head Start, La Cooperative, School Districts, Congressman La Malfa's Office, Women's Health Clinic, One Safe Place, Far Northern Regional Center, Planned Parenthood, Redding Police Department, Northern Vally Catholic Social Services, UC Davis Medical Center, Enloe Hospital, and many more.
People served by SEACM in 2017 came from the following countries:
Mexico….Laos….Philippines....Thailand...Algeria.... Vietnam….Nicaragua….China … Canada… Morocco…
Germany…Italy…Japan….Honduras…Iran…Cuba… Peru…Lebanon… Afghanistan....Brazil....India....El Salvador....Colombia.... CostaRica...Venezuela....Denmark....Scotland....South Africa…. South Korea....Libya….Niger…..Fiji….Panama....Sweden....
Jamaica....Bolivia....Czech Republic ….Trinidad....So. Guinea
SEACM provides a unique and valuable service to the community.
SEACM helped my husband bring me to this country almost two years ago. I work two jobs and he is a long-haul truck driver. I need now to apply for my permanent residency. SEACM helped me fill out the paperwork and get all the proofs I need to turn in to USCIS.
Rosa, PERU

SEACM helped us to understand what was needed to allow me to legally and permanently stay in the USA. They helped us get legally married and put us in touch with an immigration attorney in Sacramento who has been very helpful. It has been a long process over three years now.
Kenneth, CANADA

I am from El Salvador and came to the USA 20 years ago, fleeing my war-torn country. My two children were born here and I still only have Temporary Protected Status and must renew my Work Permit every two years. The paperwork is complicated and expensive and SEACM has helped me get it organized.

My mother is now 65 years old and has been in the USA since 1988. She has long dreamed of becoming a US Citizen but she was too afraid to apply. $680 is a lot of money and that is what it costs whether you pass or not. SEACM gave her a wonderful study guide and CD and gave her confidence. She had her fingerprint appointment last week and should have her official interview in a couple of months.

My wife and I are in our 80's and we are scheduled for our citizenship interview in Sacramento for the first week in December. We have studied and studied the 100 questions on history, government and geography. The questions are hard for us but SEACM has helped us study and we feel confident we will pass.