Siskiyou Opportunity Center

Siskiyou Opportunity Center Mission Statement
"Training for Independence"
To provide support services that assist individuals with Disabilities to obtain an earned income; function independently; and maximize their highest level
of vocational potential.

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Address: 1516 S. Mt. Shasta Blvd 321 North Gold Street
Mt. Shasta, CA 96067
County: Siskiyou
Phone Number: 530-926-4698 ext. 101
At the Siskiyou Opportunity Center we provide jobs and job training for adults with developmental disabilities many of our clients have Down Syndrome, and many other developmental disabilities. Siskiyou Opportunity Center has been providing training and jobs for people with disabilities since 1970. We serve all of Siskiyou County with offices in Yreka and Mt. Shasta, we provide transportation to our clients if needed. Our clients choose an area they would like to work based on their interest and we provide jobs through our recycling center, our wood production where we make kindling and fencing, many of our clients work out in the community where we have custodial contracts at State Rest Areas and other businesses throughout Siskiyou County. In our Yreka office our clients who have harder physical challenges are given the opportunity to work at this office we do shredding, mass mailing, fabric arts, and art production in conjuction with artists at Shasta Visions, this art work has been shipped as far as the National Air and Space Museum and the Smithsonian. Our Clients learn interaction with the Community and a indpendence they have never expierenced.

These are just a few of the jobs offered through the Siskiyou Opportunity Center.

I have only been with the Opportunity Center since April of 2018 and in that time I would like to share two very touching testimonies from our clients that I have witnessed personally:
On the first payday of every month we gather all our staff and clients together and each person talks about what is going on in their work and home life. During this time one of our clients stated "how much she loved working at the Siskiyou Opportunity Center and how she had tried to work at other places but always felt like an outsider and that she was never taken seriously because of her disabilities. Since working at the Siskiyou Opportunity Center she feels her views are taken into consideration and that she is part of a team where she can learn and grow."
On another occassion during the same setting a Client stated that "she just bought a car and how much this has changed the life of her family and how she feels to have a job for the first time in her life she never thought she could have a job. Through her job at the Siskiyou Opportunity Center she is able to improve the quality of her families life."