Stable Hands

Hearts, Hands and Horses....Building Dreams, Changing Lives. Stable Hands mission is to promote physical, mental and social health through equine assisted activities and therapy.

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Address: 1011 4th St, Suite #3
Yreka, CA 96097
County: Siskiyou
Phone Number: 530-842-3082
Stable Hands provides equine assisted activities and therapy to children, adults and veterans facing a variety of physical and mental challenges.

Our cadre of Certified Professionals focus on the unique needs of each participant; individual goals and strategies for their attainment are developed with input from families, medical and educational experts. With the assistance of our equine partners, Stable Hands goes beyond addressing physical disabilities to meet a participant's cognitive, social and emotional needs. Equine Assisted Activities provide our participants with the opportunity to strengthen muscle tone, improve coordination and balance, improve language skills and critical thinking, address behavioral and sensory issues, and achieve all of the therapeutic benefits of horsemanship. Our Parelli trained horses partner with riders to form attachments that can challenge participants to try their hardest.

For over twenty years, Stable Hands has empowered hundreds of children and adults to attain personal goals, while living with disabilities, in Siskiyou County. Stable Hands is a Premier Accredited Center, an elite standard of quality awarded through the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH). In 2009, Stable Hands added the Horse helping Heroes program to serve Veterans. Our Veteran participants develop horsemanship skills while in the company of trained professionals and fellow Veterans.

I have only been a Stable Hands volunteer for a year now. In that short time, I have had the privilege of witnessing many lives being positively affected by this therapeutic program. One that touches me to the core is that of a young woman who developed a debilitating condition that robbed her of so much quality of life. She was not able to walk and suffered constant pain. She set the goal for her sessions at Stable Hands to be able to walk again. She achieved that goal after many sessions working with her Occupational therapist, her PATH instructor, and many beloved horses. However, this still did not ease her pain and her suffering was often evident in her facial expression. One day she was given the chance to have her horse trot, which was a real stretch for her abilities. She decided to accept that challenge. As she took off on that trot. all those around her heard a joyous giggle and saw a radiant smile light up her face as she said; "That was exhilarating. So worth all the pain." It is soooo extremely worth it for all those who give their hearts and hands to this program. Stable Hands equals Healing Hands.
- Leslie Tragitt

My son suffers from a very disabling disorder that causes frequent seizures, significant developmental delays, coordination issues, and impacts his motor skills. As his condition worsened over time, he was able to do less and less for himself. HIs world was very limited but being a rider at Stable Hands opened doors for him. The very first session he attended, they had him up on a horse and circling the arena. It took four people to achieve that; sidewalkers on each side to keep him balanced, someone to lead the horse,and an instructor to adapt the lessons and activities to meet his unique needs but they did it. These wonderful staff and volunteers were there for him week after week and they taught him so many things. His confidence grew, his balance improved, he was able to maintain eye contact and boy, did he smile!! This boy who had never even been near a horse learned to love every moment he spent on horseback. He loved Stable Hands and so do I. Even though my son is no longer able to ride, I will always feel a debt of gratitude to Stable Hands.
-Kathy Crossman