Trails and Bikeways Council

The Trails and Bikeways Council is located in Redding, CA. Its members are local citizens who believe that trails and bikeways benefit the health, safety, and happiness of people, invigorate the local economy, and preserve valuable habitat and history. Our mission is to make these shared beliefs a reality by contributing to the development of a world-class trails and bikeways system that connects Redding with neighborhoods and the surrounding area.

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Address: P.O. Box 256
Palo Cedro, CA 96073-0259
County: Shasta
Phone Number: 530-365-5852
IDENTIFY areas of scenic, historic and recreational value for future trails
ADVOCATE for potential future trails and bikeways routes
PLAN future trails, greenways, parklands and bikeways
EDUCATE the public on the benefits of trails and bikeways
COLLABORATE with local agencies and organizations that have mutual goals
RAISE OR DONATE FUNDS to make this dream a reality
"We thank you (TBC) also for all you do to make Redding a more livable and inspiring place for all. Trails rock!"